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Boone and Related Families Genealogy


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My husband, Ken Ariola and I have been researching our family history since 1990 and we've traveled to almost all of the areas where our ancestors lived when they first came to this country.   We've searched the courthouses and obtained copies of land patents, deeds, birth, death and marriage records.  We've obtained copies of original land records from the General Land Office, Census Records, and have visited the local libraries and on several occasions found newspaper articles that had been written by or about our ancestors. 

We've had the pleasure of meeting some new cousins and they have been very generous in sharing their old pictures and stories with us, as we have with them.

We've taken care to be as accurate as possible with the information we've gathered. It's our belief that genealogy should be shared, so please feel free to use any of our information that will help you, but please be aware that it should only be used as a guide for your further research, since it's always possible that some errors may occur. If anyone does find an error or wishes to add to our research or make a comment, please use the e-mail below.

Thank you for visiting our web site and please come again, as we plan to add to it on a regular basis.  And visit our Boone DNA Testing Project at www.boone-dna.com





    Boone - John Thomas of MS and Descendants

    Boone - William Sr. of MS and Descendants

    Ariola - Desiderio and Descendants

    White - William M. of MS and his Descendants

    Rum(b)ley - John, Sr of Dorchester, MD and Descendants

    Meriwether - Nicholas 1st of VA

    Bishop - John of SC and AL and Descendants


Some of the names we are researching:


Some of the areas our ancestors lived are:



Dell Boone Ariola   dariola@hughes.net

Updated December 30, 2008