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Ariola/Arriola/Arreola Surname DNA Testing Project Application Form


For all variant spellings of Ariola/Arriola/Arreola

I've read about the Ariola Surname DNA Testing Project which is described at the website and/or in personal mail sent to me by the US Postal Service, and I would like to participate. I understand that the results of this test will help determine whether or not the project participants are descended from a common male ancestor, and I understand that a specific ancestry will not be targeted. Since the Ariola/Arriola/Arreola names are so widely used, there is more than one family line identified.

Full Name, including middle name: (required)_______________________________________________________________

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Street Address: (required)______________________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: (required)_______________________________________________________________________________

Country: (required)___________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone Number: (required)__________________________________________________________________________

Yes, I want to sign up and I am willing to pay and sign the Release Form for the analysis of my DNA sample. Family Tree DNA has offered our Ariola Group a discounted price of $99.00 plus $2.00 s/h for a total of $101.00.

I am enclosing my completed Pedigree Chart, which contains my male Ariola line back to my earliest known Ariola ancestor. I have included dates and places of birth when known, where they resided, and name of spouse, to enable you to match potential family lines. THE ANCESTOR / PEDIGREE CHART IS REQUIRED.

Signature __________________________________________________ Date __________________________________

Please return this Application Form and Ancestor / Pedigree Chart to:

Dell (Boone) Ariola

12384 Aries Loop South

Willis, Texas 77318-5225

Upon your request for a DNA sample kit, one will be ordered from FamilyTree DNA in Houston, Texas and mailed to you.  After participant  completes the swab  test, return the sample kits that to the Ariola DNA Testing Project and include the     (1) Swab Test      (2) Release Form  (3) and Check for $101.00  ($99.00 + $2.00 s/h), made payable to  FamilyTree DNA, and include your kit number on your check.  Kit must be returned to Dell (Boone) Ariola at the above address within 30 days.


For more information, please contact:

Dell (Boone) Ariola at:

February 3, 2006